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Friday, June 08, 2007

Confusing the Children

From the Baptist Press, a piece from Russell D. Moore on his recent visit to the new Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in Kentucky:

Inside the museum, I was asked by a reporter to respond to the Darwinist protesters' charge that I was "confusing" my children by bringing them into a museum that presents a markedly different view of cosmic history than that found in secular science textbooks. I am dumbfounded that groups with names such as "Free Inquiry" could believe that seeing viewpoints at variance with approved orthodoxy, whether religious or materialist, is "confusing." After all, weren't the Big Bang and natural selection "confusing" to a previous generation of schoolchildren?

It is remarkable that no Christian has ever asked me if I am "confusing" my children by taking them, as I did later that weekend, to the Cincinnati-area aquarium with exhibits everywhere assuming only a Darwinist/naturalist understanding of the origins of aquatic life. Most conservative Christians I know want their children to understand Darwin's account of human evolution, and a fair representation of it, precisely so they will not be mystified by it later.

For the same reason, I've been teaching my daughter about Darwin and evolution for years. She'll know the pros and cons of both creation and evolution.


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