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Friday, October 17, 2008

Lib Talker Ed Schultz Walks Off the Set

During a debate on Fox and Friends between liberal radio talk show host Ed Schultz and conservative talk radio host Steve Malzberg, Schultz couldn't take the heat and walked off the set in the middle of the discussion.

From our friends at NewsBusters, the discussion was about Joe the Plumber (now Liberal Public Enemy #1) and Obama's socialist philosophy about redistribution of wealth.

Schultz must have had a sudden attack of intelligence or enlightenment and realized he couldn't continue stumping for socialism. At least, not without a fresh injection of Democrat talking points.

By the way, this video is dedicated to Don Weinand. We hope you enjoy it, Don!


Anonymous said...

Shultz is a Democrat shill and hasn't had an original thought in years. Ratings for his radio show rival those of Air America.

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