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Friday, August 08, 2008

Pro-Abortionists Getting Touchy

The pro-abortion liberals in the South Dakota blogosphere sure are in a tiff today.

Both the feminist blog DakotaWomen and South DaCola are all mock-indignant that Pastor Hickey at Voices Carry posted about the new Regional Field Director for the South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families, Leslie Stusiak.

They're sputtering and frothing at the mouth that Voices Carry would dare look up and provide any information about this woman who is a leader in a major public policy issue in South Dakota.

These pro-abortion libs are aghast at the "personal information" and "family information", and express mock fears of wiretapping.

I'll admit that it has been a long and busy week for me, but I didn't see anything in the post that couldn't be found on the internet or by simply talking to people who know other people. I didn't see anything sinister or anything that required wiretapping, binoculars, night vision goggles, torture or secret decoder rings.

I have to ask myself where such righteous (excuse the pun) indignation comes from, especially from folks who more often than not ridicule any sort of righteousness.

For people who usually show complete contempt for Christianity, they sure don't waste a second attempting to criticize a Christian based on principles they don't even believe in. I don't know if that fits the definition of hypocrisy or not, but it's got to be something related.

I first wondered if maybe the reason they seem so touchy is that deep down they know abortion is wrong, and that defending the killing of innocent human life is wrong. See, when we feel the realization that we're doing something wrong, there's usually an accompanying impulse to change and do what is right. However, when we're committed to doing wrong because it's more convenient or we refuse to admit we're wrong, often we substitute the closest thing to a moral response that can be mustered under those conditions: a twisted sense of decorum.

In the end, though, I think it's probably because they're simply desperate to do anything, no matter how irrational, illogical or totally unrelated to divert attention from the fact that they are defending the taking of innocent human life.

You tend to see that a lot from the Left. The whole liberal ideology is largely based on emotional responses rather than logical deduction, and the pro-abortion faction of liberalism is no different.

Even science is irrelevant in the face of emotionalism.

You can point out the harm abortion does to women (depression, substance abuse, suicide, breast cancer, increased risk of miscarriage, infertility), and pro-abortion liberals will respond emotionally that you're trying to deny women control of their own bodies.

You can point out the humanity of the unborn child (that the unborn child has human DNA that was unique from the moment of conception, that the child has DNA separate and distinct from the mother's, that by the time most women realize they're pregnant the child already has a beating heart and a forming brain and nervous system), and pro-abortion liberals will respond that it's just a "cytoblast" or inanimate piece of "tissue" that is of no value.

But this touchiness we've seen from the pro-abortion folks lately...they must realize their back is really against the wall this year.

They were hanging out in the wind with no logic during the abortion debate of 2006, hinging all their hopes on the emotional charge that "there were no exceptions" in the 2006 bill, and it was "just too extreme" because of that.

Now, in 2008, there's a bill that contains those exceptions they wailed and gnashed their teeth for...and still they protest.

I think it's becoming obvious to most South Dakota voters that for abortion advocates, there is no undesirable abortion. And the people of South Dakota are starting to see their true colors. And the people are realizing it wasn't pro-lifers who were extreme...but those who insist on being able to wipe out an unborn child for no better reason than "I don't want it."

And it's becoming obvious to the pro-abortion folks that their extremism is becoming obvious to the average voter.

And it's obviously making them a little touchy.


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