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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Note to Abortionists: South Dakota is a No Revision Zone

The deception in the abortion debate has begun and continues, and it's the same folks doing it now as did it in 2006: pro-abortionists and pro-abortion blogs.

The South DaCola blog claims today that a recent post at Voices Carry is "misleading" because it points out that the South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families seems to have designed their website to use a very similar color scheme to the VoteYesForLife.com website. (No mention of my post that same day, even earlier than Pastor Steve's--sniffle, sniffle)

South DaCola claims the old UnHealthy Families website had similar colors to the new site, and that it's VoteYesForLife.com that's the copycat.

Sorry, I know that with all the years of "mainstream" liberal media dominance, liberals feel entitled to revise history and facts at will, but there's a "new media" in town now, and that's not going to fly anymore.

Here is the new UnHealthy Families website:

So does the old UnHealth Families website have the same color scheme it has now? Thanks to the Wayback Machine we see that...well...not really.

Their logo/title is missing from the banner up top, because the Wayback Machine doesn't always archive graphics perfectly, but you can plainly see there is little similarity between the old and new site. I see red and brown and green on the old one, and some blue in the banner that is similar, but close to the VoteYesForLife.com colors?

Well, the new UnHealthy Families website is similar to the blues and gold of the VoteYesForLife.com website, but not the old one.

I couldn't get the old VoteYesForLife.com website to come up on the Wayback Machine at all, but you can see from this pic of one of their signs what their colors looked like in 2006 (middle right):

Note the blue "6"? And they had other variations on this, too, but they've stayed with the same general look.

I did manage to pull up one of their old voter guides, and since VoteYesForLife.com was pretty consistent with the same colors, this will give you a better idea than the small sign in the other picture.

Note the blue colors, white lettering and similar font?

As I said before, evil has this thing about masquerading as good.

It knows it has no legitimate merits of its own, and that all too often people will see it for what it is. So it has to confuse people into thinking it's something it's not. It has to look like the good, as best it can.

In the case of the abortion issue, it tries to cover chopped-up children, battered wombs and scarred hearts by veiling the issue in talk of "rights" and "choice" and "freedom." (While pouring contempt on the rights, choice and freedom of the unborn child merely to live).

And apparently, in this case at least, it tries to literally play the chameleon and take on the colors of the good side.

But people are wising up to the misdirection and deception from the pro-abortion crowd. I'm one who woke up to the shallow deception 15 years ago and became pro-life. And more are crossing over all the time.

Just as slavery now rests on the ash heap of history in the United States, so will abortion someday. And that day might come quicker than you think.


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