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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Polls Don't Look Good For Dem-Controlled Congress

According to a new Gallup Poll publicized on NewsMax, only about 1/3 of voters say most members of congress deserve re-election.

Could this spell trouble for the Democrat-controlled congress?

In the 1994 and 2006 mid-term elections, just 38 percent of registered voters said they would back incumbents for Congress, which resulted in control of the House switching from one party to the other.

You'd never see such a thing coming in the polls, because the "mainstream" media always massages the polls to make it look like Democrats are going to win everything in sight by a landslide.

But remember, they didn't see the Republican Revolution of 1994 coming. They didn't see Bush coming in 2000 and 2004 either.

Could the Republicans get it back in 2008? If they do, I only hope they've learned not to try to be the Democrat-Lite Party.


Braden said...

Well the polls for the individual races don't show the Republicans picking up seats in either the House or the Senate. In fact, they show them losing some.

The Republicans can gripe and moan about energy all they want, but the truth is they have controlled Congress since 1994, and what did they do about energy during that time? To give the Democrats 2 years to solve things when the Republicans had 12 is a bit absurd. (I will agree that it is stupid for the Dems to go on recess without an energy bill passed, though.)

I will agree that the Congress' approval rating are abysmal. This is because of their failure to stand up to Bush, who's approval ratings are also in the tank. The Dems came to power in 2006 promising to stand up to GW, but they have failed to override his vetos, failed to end the Iraq War, and failed to even have impeachment hearings despite numerous impeachable offenses.

The polls are right, the Democratic Congress has been next to worthless, because they have not done what they promised: stand up to a president they called a lame duck in 2006.

Lisa Nolin said...

The Dem congress is a problem..and so is Obama...

Obama SUPPORTS The US Paying a "Global Tax"
Obama OPPOSES Traditional Marriage
Obama SUPPORTS Partial-Birth Abortion
Obama OPPOSES Domestic Oil Production (or did he just flip to McCain's position on that?)
Obama SUPPORTS Doubling the Capital Gains Tax

It's ALL true...research it...or see for yourself at DiscoverObama DOT com

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