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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fighting a War With Properly Inflated Aircraft Tires

Why isn't Barack Obama ready to lead America?

Here are two videos, back to back, that illustrate why.

First, you have Obama's silly tire inflation energy strategy. It's been proven to be full of air. But then, that's the case with almost every promise of liberalism: lots of enthusiasm, little substance. You can't conserve yourself into greater supply.

Then there's national defense and international conflicts. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. Eventually I found out that wanting to be an astronaut didn't make me qualified to be one.

And the conflict that just broke out between Russia and Georgia has served to cast a spotlight on someone else's lack of qualifications.

As President of the United States, leader of the most powerful nation on earth, and leader of the free world, your international policy and conflict resolution can't simply consist of scurrying up to a microphone and telling the bad guys to "Knock it off, alright?" before walking away.

How would President Obama instruct our military to fight a war--the military he has, as promised, gutted into ineffectualness?

Is he going to tell soldiers to use their tire gauges on their Humvees? Will President Obama get our (few remaining) combat aircraft mission ready by ensuring their tires are properly inflated? Will he tell soldiers that if they just keep their guns clean, they'll have plenty of bullets with which to shoot the enemy?

Chanting "hope" and "change" may do it for drooling liberals, but it isn't leadership, and it isn't a strategy for keeping the United States a safe and successful nation.


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