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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wright, Ayers Crawl Out of their Hole

Now that the election has passed, I see that Barack Obama's racist anti-American pastor Jeremiah Wright and his anti-American terrorist associate Bill Ayers have crawled out of whatever hole they were kept in to keep them quiet.

In the Fox News story below, it is said that Wright claims the "media" tried to use him against Obama. What a joke!

Ayers is also engaging in some serious historical revision, making himself sound oh-so-innocent. His idols Lenin and Stalin would be proud!

The "mainstream" media tried to keep both of these nuts buried and quiet; they only reason word got out at all on Obama's radical, America-hating friends at all was because the new media created such a buzz about it, and some of the coverage that Fox News gave it.

Perhaps that's what Wright means, because most of the others (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, et al) didn't do a whole lot of coverage.

A couple of notable exceptions were that CNN did actually do an expose on Ayers.

Fox News reporter Jesse Waters attempted to interview the Marxist Bill Ayers, but Ayers wouldn't talk to him and called the police (you know, the police Ayers bombed back in his active terrorist days) to get the reporter off his front doorstep (I didn't think Marxists liked private property rights).

And I'll give kudos for ABC also giving it one unsuccessful shot.

But the issue of Obama's associations with people who viscerally hate the United States certainly didn't get a fraction of the attention it deserved.

The proof of this was found post-election when we saw John Ziegler's video and the Zogby poll results. We found that while many Obama voters knew all the inaccurate slander on John McCain and especially Sarah Palin, they were almost entirely ignorant of the very real and accurate dirt on Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

But the damage is done, now. We have elected a man who associates with a domestic terrorist who bombed numerous buildings and remains unrepentant for his anti-American acts. We have elected a man who sat under the preaching for 20 years of a man who holds pure disdain for non-blacks and loathes America.

We will soon begin to find out what we have done to our country.


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