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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Man Doesn't Blame Pilot for F-18 Crash That Killed Family

The story of the F-18 that crashed in San Diego was remarkable enough on the face of it. After all, military aircraft don't crash every day, and they certainly don't often crash in residential areas.

This one unfortunately killed two adult women and two children who were in the home where the plane struck.

Remarkably, Dong Yun Yoon, the 37-year-old Korean immigrant who lost his family in the home, is not angry with the pilot at all.

While I'm sure the pilot did everything he could to avoid such a tragedy, many people might find themselves silent on the issue of blame while they sort out their feelings. Many, in our day and age of "blame someone, blame ANYONE," would have lashed out against the military and this pilot.

But Dong Yun Yoon says the pilot is a hero and bears him no ill will.

Our prayers go out to Dong Yun Yoon. He needs them no matter what. But this poor man also deserves to be commended for his remarkably mature attitude in the midst of this terrible personal tragedy.

May God bless and comfort him, and the F-18 pilot.


Erwin said...

That story is so sad. It hits home, literally. God bless this man Dong Yun Yoon. And thanks to all those who is propagating this tale of love, sorrow, pain, humility and forgiveness.

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