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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The "Machine" Goes to Washington

Responding to a previous post on Dakota Voice I opined that Americans would soon see the results of sending the “Chicago Machine” to Washington.

A reader subsequently commented, derisively, “You conservatives can be so cute sometimes.”

Having grown up in the Land of Lincoln (Springfield, no less) and having married a young woman who was the executive secretary to a Chicago-area state legislature for many years I have some understanding of Illinois politics.

A quick Google-search of Illinois governors, secretaries of state and attorneys general of the past decade or two will give the uninformed a good idea of who runs the state, and how. Power, graft and nepotism are how it is done.

In just a few weeks the king-makers in the Daley Machine will put one of their own in the White House. Americans will soon see what Chicago Machine politics is all about. The Blagojevich scandal is only the beginning.

Michael Reagan addresses the same issue in his recent column “The Daley Machine Goes National.”

In 2005, he proved his loyalty to the machine when U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was investigating corruption in Illinois. Axelrod attacked him for daring to criminalize the sleazy style of politics in Chicago.

In an op-ed piece Axelrod insisted that trading political favors -- including jobs, known as "pay for play" these days -- is an essential part of the process that makes government work.

Axelrod has been the liaison between the Daley Machine and Barack Obama. Giving him a key White House post cannot cleanse him of his association with the endemic corruption of the Daley Machine, which he has long and faithfully served. Send him back to their welcoming arms.

There is no question of Valerie Jarrett's association with the Daley Machine. She once served as Richard Daley's chief of staff and has been described as a key cog in the Daley Machine. That fact alone disqualifies her from serving in the post of advisor to the president of the United States. Moreover, she has been under a cloud of suspicion for her roles in a couple of sordid scandals involving public housing in Chicago.

Read the entire article on Townhall.com.


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