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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lack of Gratitude for Forced-Charity

There was an interesting letter on the Letters to the Editor page of the Rapid City Journal today.

It regards the proper use of taxpayer-funded charity, and it contains enlightening information about one of the many reasons why government-mandated, taxpayer-funded charity is inadvisable (if you're discerning enough to catch it).

Food stamp usage recipients’ business, not everyone elses

Monday, Dec. 1, in regards to the Two Cents section, somebody wrote in regarding the food stamp program. The last part state “…however we also need to put more control on the food stamp program, I don’t think the program was set up to buy candy, soda and similar products.

I’ve read similar letters and if I can be honest, they make me very angry.

I’m a disabled old lady that is raising my grandchildren. I love them very much and when they cry and beg for a candy bar or a can of pop every now and then I’m going to let them have it. They deserve a treat just like any other child. Most of these mothers you are griping about are treating their children. Of course, we have to sacrifice something, but that’s out business, not yours.

Don’t you have enough to do than to be picking on poor people?

You sound too much like Marie Antoinette who allegedly said, “Let them eat cake.” Well we are trying to do just that. If you’d leave us alone.

Stick your big nose into something that really needs sniffing.

Rapid City

I have just one question for Ms. Clifford with regard to whose business it is if food stamp money is being spent wastefully.

Who's paying the bill: her or the taxpayers?


Anonymous said...

Ms. Clifford's letter raises other questions. If the taxpayers are being asked to subsidize the raising of her grandchildren, may we legitimately ask where are the parents whose responsibility it is to provide for their children?

If the intention of the food stamp program is to provide nutritional support for the needy, and we are asked to foot the bill, then we damn well have the right to question how our money is being spent.

Contrary to what some might believe, anything can and is bought with food stamps: alcohol, drugs, prostitutes, cigarettes, clothing, cars, guns, you name it. It is a scam perpetrated on working Americans. Yet another give-away for votes that you and I pay for.

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