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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Iraqi Ambassador: Shoe Thrower Lucky It Wasn't Saddam

As much as the "mainstream" media and other juveniles loved the shoe-throwing incident against President Bush in Iraq, for anyone with a sense of shame, this was more insulting to the show-thrower and unfortunately to the people of Iraq than it was to President Bush.

In the video below, Iraqi Ambassador Samir Sumaida’ie explains the sad truth of this incident to those liberals who have thus far lacked the maturity to understand it.

Responding to a group of Code Pink protestors, Ambassador Samir Sumaida’ie said: "Had it been Mr. Saddam Hussein he'd be (inaudible). Number 2, in our country, I know that people have told you that showing shoes at someone is an insult. But, it is a bigger insult to the host; in our culture anyone who insults a guest is insulting the host. So in our culture we believe that what Mr al-Zeidi did was reprehensible."


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