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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Limbaugh Skewers Turncoat Colin Powell

Rush Limbaugh points out what a joke-of-a-Republican Colin Powell has made himself.

"Let me get this straight. The guy who has supported the Republican candidate for president should be thrown out of the party. That would be me. But the guy who bolted and sabotaged the Republican nominee by endorsing the Democrat candidate should stay in and be part of the team that determines what the Republican Party is going to be. The turncoat, General Powell, is the one who the party is gonna listen to?"

Limbaugh is responding to Powell's praise of liberalism and criticism of Limbaugh during a recent interview with CNN's Fareed Zakharia.

Powell said, in part,
"Can we continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh?" Powell asked. "Is this really the kind of party that we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons seem to appeal to our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts?"

You mean our conservative instincts? You mean our instincts to stick with the plan of the Founders that made this country great? You mean our instincts to put freedom ahead of dependence? You mean our instincts to champion responsibility over license? You mean our instincts to protect the individual from government, not government from the individual? You mean our instincts to be consistent? You mean our instincts to win?

I thought so. At least Powell is now fully exposed for the RINO he is. A RINO in elephant's clothing that has been skinned can do far less damage than those who are still in costume...and Powell is no longer in costume.

President Bush and other "moderate" Republicans attempted to coddle and placate the only-vaguely conservative Powell...and look what it got them. It got them a rogue element in their own cabinet, and at election time, it got them a high-profile defection to the adversary.

This should be a lesson to conservative and conservative-leaning Republicans out there: do NOT compromise with liberal elements on the Right. You gain nothing and only put off the inevitable attempts to stab you in the back.


Anonymous said...

No matter their protestations, there are no moderates. You are either a conservative, comitted to the founding principles that made this a great nation or you are not. This last election makes my point. With few exceptions it was the conservative base that showed up for McCain (thanks to Palin), despite his long record as a "maverick" and moderate Republican. The "moderates" all went for the socialist man-child. They had in McCain what they said they wanted, and then jumped to the Left when it was nut-crackin' time.

Socialist, Democrat, liberal, progressive or moderate, they are all of the same weak-minded, misguided, hedonistic, self-righteous elitist cult that must be resisted and ultimately defeated. There may be gradations, but qualitatively, they are the same.

Fisher said...

Rush Limbaugh SHOULD be ostricized from the GOP.. He is as out of touch with mainstream America as Howard Dean and Bill Maher. The cabinet appointments made by Barrack Obama are consistent with Powell's claim that this is a time to retreat from polarizing politics and work on rebuilding the bridges we tore down in defense of our borders. I think Bush was the right president at the right time but this is a DIFFERENT time. Limbaugh has done some good in his time but he has worn out his relevance. Unless the GOP wishes to do the same, they should LISTEN to Colin Powell. His philosophies have proven their longevity as he has served on the cabinets of three administrations already and may be tapped for a fourth. If Bush had listened to Powell's advice on Iraq instead of Rumsfield he could have accomplished the mission while avoiding much of the criticism which will haunt his legacy.

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