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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Homeschool Student Needs Help

Pat Powers at the South Dakota War College contacted me a little while ago, asking for some help for a 5th grade homeschool student in the Brookings, South Dakota area.

From his email:

In the Brookings area there is a family who home schools their 5th grade boy. This student has a hearing disability which he has used hearing aids to compensate for. Unfortunately, his hearing aids are not working anymore.

Insurance doesn't cover payment for replacing the existing devices. The school district will pay for some diagnostic testing - regardless of him being homeschooled or not - but they do not pay for the assistive devices themselves, since they're a 24-hour a day item. And the family needs help covering the cost this Christmas season.

It will cost roughly $4000 for a new set of hearing aids. In the spirit of Christmas giving, I'm looking for people willing to step up to the plate and help - even if it's just a little.

If anyone knows of a group or program that might be able to help this student, please let me know via the Dakota Voice Contact Us link, or contact Pat at the War College directly. My wife Konnie is also putting this out on the WRCH list, so you may also see it there if you're a member.

Or you may give a donation via the War College "Make A Donation." Pat is an honorable guy and will ensure your donation gets to this family.


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