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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rapid City Proposition 8 Rally

Below is a photo of the rally in Rapid City on Saturday in opposition to Proposition 8, California's marriage protection amendment. It was submitted by an anonymous area photographer.

If you missed the rally, you aren't alone. It doesn't appear to have been well attended. One was planned, but interest must have been minimal.

The photographer was there at the time designated for the rally, and remained there for about 15 minutes, but no one showed up to rally.

A number of rallies were held in various parts of the country last weekend in opposition to Proposition 8 this weekend, but thankfully our community was spared this indignity.

I don't usually have a whole lot of good things to say about homosexual activists around Rapid City or anywhere else for that matter; I just don't find anything to appreciate about undermining the moral fiber of society, undermining marriage and family, and legitimizing a lifestyle fraught with health hazards.

But it looks like the homosexual community in the Rapid City area has opted for a responsible stance on Proposition 8...and stayed home.

Some homosexual activists have been after me to say just one thing positive about homosexuals. Here you go. Credit where credit is due.

Marriage and representative democracy are important, and we should respect both. I'm glad the homosexual community in Rapid City did.


Colin said...

You think they'd choose to LIVE in Rapid City, Bob? They're all running for the big city when they reach the age of majority. That's why there's a dearth of "the gays" in small towns and rural areas.

And even were there gay people in Rapid City (or people who cared about gay people), they'd be far too scared to show up at a rally. People like YOU live there, right?

Bob Ellis said...

Actually quite a few do choose to live here. We have a fairly substantial and active homosexual community around these parts.

And while most of them don't like me, many of them know me and haven't been scared off by me yet.

They have their rallies and picnics and festivals and to my knowledge no one has accosted them (unlike the lady with a cross a few weeks ago, or the Christians praying in San Francisco Friday night).

Many people like me would like to see them turn from their sins and live the life God intended for them, but we're not going to yell obscenities at them and assault them.

I am glad they showed restraint last weekend. Given the behavior seen ins some other parts of the country, that restraint probably went a long way toward improving respect among different factions in the community.

cp said...

It's true that most PFLAG parents I know miss their kids who have left either because they are gay and can't live with the constant carping of self-proclaimed "christans" on this "marriage" "issue."

When will all of the Church turn from its denial of the baptismal covenant to honor the dignity of every person?

LGBT folk asking for equality are only a "faction" or those who want to marginalize them and pretend they don't exist.

LGBT folk are not safe in South Dakota, but we're working on it.

Josh said...

Curious that there is no way of telling when exactly this photo was taken. The writer even admits that the photo was submitted by an "anonymous area photographer".

I find it a lot more likely that this right-wing mouthpiece is blowing smoke where the sun don't shine. (ooh, language!)

Crackerjack journalism Mr. Ellis...a real gem here.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said this site was about journalism? It reeks of propaganda on every page! Look at the cute choice of photos Mr. Ellis uses for his articles: a whining kid when he talks about those awful gay activists, an adorable widdle baby when he talks about abortion, the mugshot of Bill Ayers which portrays the domestic terrorist in the most unflattering way possible, photos of a beautiful husband and wife to remind us what a "normal" couple should look like.... the list goes on.

Every time I come here, I remember why I stopped being a Christian. And no, Mr. Ellis, I don't mean that in a good way.

Bob Ellis said...

Curtis, when we choose immoral behaviors and those around us disapprove, we basically have two choices: correct our behavior, or separate ourselves from the criticism. It's sad that these parents aren't able to be near their children, but apparently their children chose immoral behavior over moral behavior and a geographically close relationship with their parents.

To compromise moral standards to accommodate someone who insists on acting immorally is irrational and unhealthy.

Not sure what you mean about "denial of the baptismal covenant," but homosexuals already have equality. They have the same rights and legal protections as homosexuals. They do not have the right to force acceptance of their immoral behavior on others, nor do they have the right to redefine fundamental human relationships and institutions. We also have no right to demand approval or acceptance when we make the choice to act immorally.

If homosexuals are being assaulted, they need to report it to the police; if police fail to enforce the law, the problem needs to be elevated. Absent a problem in this area, I believe homosexuals are as safe in South Dakota as anyone is.

Bob Ellis said...

Josh, I'd be willing to bet that if this photo and the subsequent report was found on the New York Times, you wouldn't question it for a second.

You might be surprised at the source. If you think it's false, prove it.

Otherwise, you're just expressing disappointment that the homosexual community in Rapid City didn't join in the mayhem and immature behavior around the country.

Bob Ellis said...

Anonymous, like the New York Times isn't pure, unadulterated liberal propaganda. But that's slant you like, right?

The truth is a hard path, and unfortunately not everyone is up to it.

I'm crushed that you don't like my website. ;-)

TJT said...

Oh I LOVE conservative crazypants like you, Bob!

See, Bob went to Wal-Mart, or Big R or something like that, and bought his How to Be an Irrational Conservative kit, which includes stock phrases and a list of things to hate without actually critically thinking about them, like the New York Times, homosexuals, and liberals.

But don't blame Bob. He's simply a historical product of America's long suspicion of progress and intellectual reasoning. Bob would know where he stands in historical context, but unfortunately, Bob has never read a history book.

Bob Ellis said...

You're a hoot, TJT. Like most liberals, you've shown how phenomenally ignorant you are.

I've read more history books than you've probably ever seen. I might have even read more of them than you've ever seen before I got out of high school; I've been well-read since grade school.

But seriously, why not try for a substantive comment, TJT? Don't waste my time and the time of my readers with empty insults. I don't mind if you insult me, but if you insist, just do it with a little substance to keep things interesting.

By the way, if telling the truth about an immoral and unhealthy practice is "hate," then I'm as guilty is as the day is long. But that shows how shallow your definition of "hate" is, doesn't it?

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