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Friday, November 21, 2008

The President Bush Snub That Wasn't

The juvenile snickerers and spitwad-throwers have yucked up the supposed "fact" that several world leaders refused to shake hands with President Bush at the G-20 summit.

They hate President Bush so bad that any opportunity to ridicule him--even if it is at the expense of their own country's prestige--is a welcome opportunity.

Just one problem (the usual problem with Leftist claims): it didn't happen that way.

The grownups had to educate the juvenile delinquents as to the background of the event...and perhaps to a little etiquette.

This is what the White House said:

White House Assistant Press Secretary Carlton Carroll said, "The President had already greeted ALL of those leaders prior to this picture--whereas the other leaders had not had the opportunity to greet each other yet that morning."

Typically when I attend a meeting or conference or other gathering of many people, I'll shake hands with people as I meet them the first time that day...and don't anymore that day, no matter how many subsequent times I may re-encounter them as events proceed.

But I suppose if you're a Leftist and love to see your Republican president look bad even if it does reflect negatively on your own country (not a big deal), then it makes for another good slam.

That, or maybe they're just not used to the civilized gatherings like this (kegger-parties and protest marches don't count).

The snub that wasn't. CNN's Jeanne Moos reveals why world leaders weren't shaking President Bush's hand.


Rich Stadler said...

Nice try, Mr. Ellis...whoever you are.

We've been telling you for seven-plus years: we don't 'hate' Bush. You just like saying we do so you can explain away Bush's unpopularity by using 'hate' as the cause. In your heart, you must admit that he's the most unpopular president in the history of our country. That's not hating...it's a fact.

As for our country's prestige, how could you imagine that anyone but the Bush administration is responsible for its sorry state?

"The usual problem" with 'leftist' claims is that, "it didn't happen that way"? Who are you trying to kid? This administration has told more lies to the American people than any in history.

Even your accounting that 'leftists' and 'juveniles' are the only ones protesting, "didn't happen that way."

When Bush was handed the presidency in 2000, he said, "The adults are in charge now!" So this is how adults run a country? Hah!

You can continue to pretend that it's only 'leftists' who disparage the state of our union, but most of the US and most of the world see Bush for the sad, vacuous puppet that he is.

And, by the way, "keggers" are most often the product of Republican jock frat boy date-rapers...don't blame that crap on the rest of us.

“What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?” -T. Jefferson

Rich Stadler, Columbus, Ohio

Bob Ellis said...

Nice selective memory, Rich. The Clintons took lying to a whole new level. You might(or might not) remember that a senator from his own party called him "an unusually good liar."

Unfortunately Leftist ilk like you have taken our country back to the gutter of the 1960s and 1970s when liberals strove to see our country humiliated before the world and did everything they could to badmouth it.

You're a bunch of spoiled brats who don't appreciate how good you've had it. And you don't even have the maturity to realize how pathetic you look to mature people.

Rich Stadler said...


I guess we simply speak different languages, which is a shame, because...."can't we all just get along?!"

Clinton may have taken lying to a new level (an opinion I don't share), but for you to suggest that Bush didn't do him one better, and then some, is also being 'selective'.

You know darned well that Bush can't put a whole sentence together. Is suppose you think that being educated is 'elitist'.

You didn't respond to my mentioning that Bush (verbatum) said, "The adults are in charge now."

How have you adults been doing the last 7.5 years?


-Actual Adult

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