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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama Associate Bill Ayers: We Ought to Abolish Prisons

Barack Obama's terrorist associate Bill Ayers says some interesting things in this short video.

He regrets dedicating his terrorist manifesto Prairie Fire to Robert F. Kennedy-assassin Sirhan Sirhan...but denies doing it even though he regrets it.

He also says, "We ought to abolish the prisons."

I guess there are no bad people in Ayers world (except rich people and capitalists).

If we follow his advice, we should ship every one of the ex-prisoners to Ayers neighborhood and let them live next to him.


Anonymous said...

Why are you still harping on about Bill Ayers? What possible point does it serve? The election is over. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's an inconvenient truth that all the Obamaniacs want to forget.

Bob Ellis said...

Did the truth change because the election is over? Did Ayers' terrorism suddenly become morally acceptable because the election is over? Did Obama's association with Ayers suddenly become less despicable because the election is over?

You may need to hearken back to this information when Obama starts doing incredibly stupid things which put our country in harms way. It may not make sense why a U.S. president would so endanger his own country, unless you understand that he associated with a terrorist who vociferously hates the United States.

It might be too late to prevent the harm to our country, but we will at least be able to understand how it came to happen. And hopefully use that understanding to prevent similar mistakes of negligence on the part of the voters in the future.

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