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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Poll: Only 2.9 Percent of Population Homosexual

CitizenLink from Focus on the Family Action reports on a study done by Hunter College in New York and funded by the Human Rights Campaign, a pro-homosexual advocacy organization.

Despite having been told by homosexual activists and their friends in the "mainstream" media for years that homosexuals make up 10% of the population, this study confirmed what accurate but seldom cited studies have been finding for years: homosexuals make up less than 3% of the population.

Larger numbers are often touted as some sort of sign of legitimacy or correctness. Regardless of the percentage, homosexuality remains an immoral and unhealthy practice because numbers, even a majority, have never equated to something being right.

This means little, but it's nice for a change to see the truth get out--especially when it comes from a source that liberals can't dismiss as conservatively partisan.


BobS said...

homosexuals make up less than 3% of the population

In the US (pop. over 301 million) that is over 9 million people but what's a few million between friends when pushing one's morality on someone right?

Anonymous said...

Well only 768 people took part in the survey with a 3.5% margin of error. The Hunter College poll was funded through a grant from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. So somehow they have worked out that 2.9% of the population is homosexual from only 768 people taking part in a survey. From advocate.com

Bob Ellis said...

Homosexuals and their apologists want to push their morality on me, so why is that any different?

Most people in America identify with Christianity, and the Bible clearly says homosexuality is immoral. Further, there are tremendous health risks associated with homosexuality (according to the CDC, 72% of AIDS cases are in the homosexual community, in addition to higher rates of other STDs, plus increased risks of anxiety, depression, substance abuse and suicide).

So I think it makes sense that, since someone's morality must prevail, that the one which conforms to most people's religion, and the one that better protects public health, should be the one to win out.

Anonymous said...

Bob – When have homosexuals ever forced their morality on you? Have you ever been forced to take part in an immoral activity? Nobody is suggesting that you change your behavior whereas you are attempting to dictate the behavior of others.

Bob Ellis said...

They are demanding that I accept and tolerate open homosexuality, which means they demand me to accept their standard of morality.

Many also demand special employment considerations and the right to call two homosexuals living together "marriage" and some want to adopt children. Again, these require society to accept their standard of morality.

Every law and every standard dictates or expects behavior. As I said before, society must have a standard, and it makes sense that the standard should be one in harmony with the religious values of the majority, and one that protects public health and safety, and the stability and good order of society.

Anonymous said...

Live and let live?

Jesus please don't force me to accept others for who they are?

Heaven forbid we allow more people to express love in this world?

Lord prohibit a child from having the opportunity to grow up in a caring environment?

I agree, I think society should set standards that alienate, segregate, and disaffect millions of people so that others can feel better about their realities.

Hone your morals and learn to be more mature.

Bob Ellis said...

Anonymous, people should be who they were created to be. If a male wants to have sex, he should marry a female; if a female wants to have sex, she should marry a man. That's who they are; anything else is a denial of nature and a denial of who they are.

God set parameters on how sex and love are to be expressed: the same sex is not supposed to express sexual love for one another, only friendly love.

There are more heterosexual couples waiting to adopt than there are children to be adopted. There is no need to place a child in a home where the child will be robbed of one of the two sex/gender models, and quite likely in a sexually confusing and chaotic environment. The stability needed by a child in their developing years is far to important to subject them to a politically correct social experiment.

That is a definition of maturity: doing what's best and healthiest for ourselves and others, not following our own selfish desires.

Anonymous said...

Bob you really have no idea of what you are talking about. You think homosexuality is a choice? Why don't you grow up and stop acting self righteous as if the way you live is the only right way.

Bob Ellis said...

I know exactly what I'm talking about, Anonymous.

The way I live isn't "the right way." I don't set the standard--God does. I just try to live up to it as best I can; some folks don't bother trying, though. The way to live is the way God intended us to live, and the way nature confirms we should live.

If people want to do things contrary to God and nature, they have the right to do so in our society. But they have no right to demand that the rest of us accept it or applaud it or accommodate it.

Thomas Farrell said...

Bob, MY God says that people should be able to love and marry whoever they want regardless of gender. Why should the law respect YOUR god and not MY God?

Who gives you the special right to have your beliefs respected by the law and not mine? Who put you in charge of judging you and your religion to be superior to me and mine?

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob Ellis,

What an ignorant, intolerant, stupid moron you are!

Bob Ellis said...

Thomas, I'm unfamiliar with any gods who says that.

What is his/her name and what is the name of your religion?

Buck Foss said...

Then Bob, you're ignorant. Beyond the point that God hasn't appeared on Larry King, nor in any other verifiable form, that means God says anything that any bunch of "inspired" people want him to say. For example, the Bible allows slavery, female degridation, mutilation, oh, and during the jubilee year (please look it up in Leviticus), you must forgive everyone including all their debts (Christians sure didn't do this in the last jubilee year ...) We should not base any law on such irrationality, especially when its promoters pick and choose their fealty.

Bob Ellis said...

You might want to go back to Sunday School, Buck, because the Bible doesn't approve of any of those things, though it does record some historical instances where they happened.

Since Christ, we are also no longer under the Mosaic Law, of which the Jubilee was a part.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of homosexual men make a conscious choice about their sexual preferences and then embrace a lifestyle that satifies their desires. I know. I once made that choice. The claim that gayness is something we are born into is a lie and we can be rescued from such a life of degradation and sin by turning to Jesus Christ, the giver of Life and conquerer of Death. If you want to escape from the deadly perversion of homosexuality there are loving and generous people eager to help. Go to
http://www.exodus-international.org/ for more information.

Anonymous said...

The whole issue of homosexuality and gay marriage is not about "rights"...it's really about acceptance. And the acceptance is wanted so badly precisely because those caught up in it don't completely accept it themselves.

The last post about exodus-international is right. It is a conscious choice - and a bad one. We may as well admit it instead of just being angry whenever someone tells the truth.

Lynn David said...

You missed this from the study:

LGBs are more interested in politic, they express higher levels of a sense of civic duty, and they participate in politics and civil affairs at higher rates than the average American.

Frankly, I think there is something wrong with that poll. Prior polls, like the one used in the Lawrence v Texas decision have shown that gay men outnumber women by almost 2-1. It would seem that this poll missed a lot of men.

Jenn said...

Bob Ellis, I believe that your opinion of God, the Bible, and homosexuals are just that: an opinion. The fact is, what you believe is what you have been taught and no one is going to be able to sway you, just like you wont be able to sway others who have been taught differently. However, I personally do not feel that homosexuality is a choice. If you would do some more research you will find that therapists and psychologists say that the succes of prayer and therapy are low, close to zero, in fact. Also, I don't believe a child growing up without one of the "two gender/sex models" has any effect on someones sexual orientation. My aunt grew up in a home with both a mother and a father. However, she showed signs of homosexuality from the time she was a child. My grandmother even tried to beat it out of her, but she's still gay and my grandmother still doesnt approve. As for God: the God I have learned to love and worship is a loving God. He loves us all for what we are.

Bob Ellis said...

Jenn, it's irrelevant what you, or I for that matter, feel. It also doesn't matter what politically-correct cowards masquerading as therapists and psychologists say (they forfeited their credibility in 1973 when they caved on homosexuality because of homosexual protests and harassment, rather than making a judgment based on solid science or clinical research). What matters is what God said, and God clearly said in both Old and New Testaments that homosexual behavior violated his design for the expression of human sexuality, and he strongly disapproves of it.

It doesn't matter whether I was taught to be a hating homophobe or whether you were taught to be a mindless liberal guided by raw emotion; God is very clear on the subject: homosexuality is immoral and he doesn't approve.

Sometimes children will go astray even with parents of both sexes, but they deserve to have both in order to have the best shot at a healthy, balanced home.

God loves us all, and he loves us far too much to leave us in a sinful, unhealthy lifestyle and risking eternity in Hell.

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