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Friday, May 02, 2008

The Corruption of a Culture

I haven't completely made my mind up whether I'm going to get behind John McCain or whether I may support a third party candidate. If you asked me, my answer would probably vary from day to day, depending on how fresh McCain's flaws were in my mind, or how fresh the profound unfitness of either of the Democrat candidates was in my mind, though I admit I'm leaning in favor of holding my nose and supporting McCain.

Then I get doused with a cold bucket of reality from someone like David Kupelian at WorldNetDaily and the picture suddenly gets a lot clearer, despite McCains liberal tendencies.

Kupelian's "How Hillary will lead America into hell" today examines the wisdom some have proffered about letting the Democrats just have things for four years.

The logic goes that a Democrat congress is going to mess things up to some degree, regardless of who's in the White House (and unfortunately with a RINO like McCain in the White House, things will be more messed up rather than less). Purveyors of this logic say it's better to just let the Dems have the White House, too, so the Democrat Party will take the full blame for the royal mess they'll make, with none falling on the Republicans through the presence of a nominally Republican president.

There's just enough logic to this reasoning to beguile a lot of good people, especially those who have long harbored anger toward John McCain for his many obvious – and sometimes outrageous and even scary – flaws.

However, such analysis is dwarfed and annihilated by a far more devastating factor – something apparently overlooked by just about everyone weighing in on the relative merits of the candidates.

The damage that will occur to America if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is elected president will go far beyond what we can rationally anticipate on the policy level.

Kupelian has a powerful point. You have to remember, too, that even though Bill Clinton was poised to take this country down a road to ruin that just might have made Jimmy Carter look competent, he only had two years to get geared up before a Republican congress came in 1994 to put the brakes on his Marxist insanity.

Given that the Republican party is riven with liberalism and ineffectual stupor right now, I don't think we could count on a Republican congress roaring back in 2010 to save our bacon once again. So the Democrats, with both the White House and Congress for 4+ years this time, would be free to do incredible damage to this country.

But while the self-destructive policy agenda of either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would be bad enough, there may be an even worse toll on our nation than we might think. A toll bad enough to lead Kupelian to pronounce:
Elevating a person like Hillary Clinton to the presidency of the United States will unleash hell in America in a way very few of us can even comprehend, let alone remedy.

Read Kupelian's column to find out what could be so bad for our country. I guarantee you: Kupelian is right.


Anonymous said...

I think there's a lot of voters out there right now who feel the Republicans have messed this country up so much that they want to see another party try to fix things. Will another party succeed where the Republicans failed? Who knows, but I don't think people are willing to put up with a Republican White House for another four years.

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