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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dakota Voice Garners International Attention

I received a message this morning from the BBC in London, wanting an interview with me regarding some of my posts about Barack Obama and my doubts that he really didn't know about his pastor's radical opinions. The interview was intended for one of their live shows scheduled for early this afternoon.

I turn down most requests for interviews since I often sense the "mainstream" media is just looking to do a hit piece on Dakota Voice or on conservatism in general, but I didn't get that sense here.

Unfortunately by the time the message was passed along to me, the show was already over, so I missed my chance to connect with some of my old friends in England.

I considered it noteworthy that a little ole blog from South Dakota managed to capture the interest of the BBC, so please forgive me if this moment of indulgent preening seems a little crass.



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