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Monday, April 28, 2008

This is the Last Day for Comments Regarding FCC Proposal

WorldNetDaily has this today regarding a proposed rule change that could have significant ramifications on Christian radio, as well as any potentially controversial programming. It would allow community advisory boards to make decisions on what is and is not permissible for local broadcast. The composition of these boards would be left to local communities to decide, but it would not be far-fetched to fear that certain groups with a particular political agenda could take control and severely restrict programming. Obviously, this ruling could cut both ways, but in any case is clearly a restriction on freedom of speech and should be rejected.

Last day to save Christian radio?
FCC rule change seen as threat to licenses of religious stations.

At issue is a proposal that would require every radio station to take programming advice from community advisory boards representative of the area's population.
Advocates of Christian programming say that would require Christian broadcasters to seek advice from non-Christians and even those opposed to the Christian message. Some radio stations fear organized groups of atheists, for instance, could demand representation on the new FCC-mandated advisory boards that would factor into licensing decisions.
The National Association of Broadcasters, which opposes the rule change, offers an online form for making comments on the FCC rule change – but the deadline is today. All comments must be filed under the assigned docket number No. 04-233, meaning that number must be included in all communications about the proposed rule change to be considered by the FCC.

Although I believe that the Supreme Court would strike this rule change down, apparently there are advocates that think they have a chance to get such onerous legislation enacted. I encourage everyone to go to the link above to leave a comment for the FCC. Who could have imagined that the Supreme Court would uphold the McCain-Feingold bill?


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