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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Obama and the Domestic Terrorist

The relationship between 60s radical Bill Ayers and B. Hussein Obama remains a hot button issue among bloggers, both Right and Left, but has warranted only scant attention by the MSM. Michelle Malkin resurrects a Chicago Magazine article from 2001 that has photos of Professor Ayers dancing on an American flag crumpled on the ground, in obvious delight. In the article Ayers is sympathetically shown to be the radical hippie retread still trying to live the glory days when he and wife Bernadine Dorne proved their liberal bona fides by terrorizing citizens and setting bombs as members of the Weatherman (later the Weather Underground). Obama has yet to condemn his friend or his terror activities, of which Ayers remains unrepentent. This fact has had little effect on the true believers, but is sure to be a campaign issue should he be the Democrat nominee. One might have thought that Obama would have learned something from his reluctance to repudiate his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.


zelduh said...


Obama was 8 years old and did not know Ayers when he bombed. When Obama met Ayers, Ayers was a college professor and a respected pillar in the community.

On the other hand, Billy Clinton was old enough to know about the Weather Underground - and he actually PARDONED two of the Weather Underground.

But, go ahead; keep misrepresenting facts. We expect lies and manipulation from the GOP (including Hillary!)

Anonymous said...

Zelduh, when do you suppose B. Hussein first learned the news about Bill Ayers? Obama must be really dense if he didn’t know about his good bud, Bill Ayers, an unrepentant anarchist and terrorist. But then he claims he didn’t know about his pastor of twenty years, so I guess that proves the point. I assure you, Zelduh, that if B. Hussein becomes the presidential nominee we will hear a great deal more about Mr. Ayers. It will be shown that B. Hussein Obama is at best inept and at worst philosophically indistinguishable from his mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Of Mrs. Obama there has never been a doubt.

Bob Ellis said...

I agree with you zelduh that Bill Clinton should have known better, yet he pardoned some pretty bad people.

I don't think anyone's saying Obama hung out with Ayers when he (Obama) was a kid. What some people do find objectionable is that Ayers has never repudiated or expressed any regret for his terrorist acts. And while most of us would recoil from an unrepentant terrorist, Obama doesn't seem to have done so.

John Schlegel said...

Ayers Huh? The Weathermen ya say?

Those are two of the Guys Slick Willy and his wife gave PARDONS too,right before leaving Office.

I can see how that might bother you

John From Cape Cod, Ma.

Dana said...

Obama has distanced himself, in the ABC debate, you moron, he said do I have to denounce every person that I have come into contact with, whose views I do not agree with? Seriously, get on with life. Beside, neither has McCain, and in fact, he sought the endorsement of Hage, and Hage said Katrina came because they were going to have a gay parade, but what do you care, you were probably glad that Katrina happened and probably felt they had it coming to them!

Anonymous said...

Politicians cannot control who endorses them and an endorsement from someone does not necessarily mean that the endorsed holds to every opinion of the endorsee. The situation with Ayers and Wright is much different. These are people that Obama CHOSE to associate with either because of, or in spite of, their past and/or present actions and/or opinions. Obama seeks to be the leader of the free world and questioning such associations is appropriate as it provides insight into his judgement and opinions.

As to the victims of Katrina, you have no reason to assume such malice about others you do not know. You probably don't know anything about the relief work done by Christian organizations that came from all over the country.

Anonymous said...

any points you may have to make are undercut by your childish and manipulative use of obama's middle name like it means something.

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