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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dennis Schmidt for South Dakota Dist. 33 Senate

From today's mailbag, Senator Dennis Schmidt of Dist. 33 is running for re-election to the South Dakota Senate:

Senator Dennis Schmidt of District 33, a Republican, has announced he is seeking re-election to the state Senate. Schmidt, a small business owner, was elected to the South Dakota Senate in 2006.

Schmidt was born in Rapid City but moved away to work for Boeing in Wyoming and Seattle for several years.

While in Seattle, he became a pastor and served in that capacity for 11 years before joining the police force. During his time with the police department, he worked the street performing law enforcement duties, and then walked a beat as a public relations officer in the community. Schmidt also started a chaplain’s corps which helped with suicides, SIDS deaths and police funerals.

After returning to Rapid City 15 years ago, he and his family opened Black Hills Blend. He has long considered himself a conservative who pursued solid family values, and has always been interested in current events and the operations of government. Schmidt and his wife are supporters of community organizations such as Bethany Christian Services, an adoption agency, and the Special Olympics.

In 2006, Schmidt responded to an opportunity to serve in the state senate. He said he wanted to represent his district with the kind of values that have been important to him and the people of his district.

During his first term in the Senate, Schmidt sponsored and saw passage of a bill to provide sonograms for pregnant women considering abortion, so that women have as much information as possible for this important decision.

He also worked to protect the rights of gun owners, and property owners from the indiscriminate use of eminent domain. Schmidt also fought for the successful passage of the state adult oriented business legislation.

Schmidt seeks another term in the South Dakota senate to continue working to protect the family, expand educational opportunities, provide proper funding for tech schools, and ensure the hard-working fire departments around the Black Hills are properly funded and equipped.

While doing so, Schmidt vows to hold government accountable for wise use of the people’s tax dollars.


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