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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rep. Paul Ryan Calls for Fire Hose on Republican Party

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) in the Wall Street Journal today calls for a total shakeup of of the Republican Party.

He's right on, and the party should listen to him.

Ryan was considered for House Republican leadership, but declined due to the family considerations of his wife and three young children. As important as House leadership is, it's hard to fault Ryan for that dedication to his family; he has no more important job than his eternal investment in his children.

But congressional Republicans desperately need fresh leadership, a return to core principles and a clearly articulated vision for America.

The paragraph which best summarizes Ryan's advice is this:

We cannot simply put up roadblocks to the emboldened Democratic majority. We need to offer an alternative future. Absent reform, our federal government will double in size within a generation. We must change course from this path of stagnation, and we must have leaders willing to provide a path that keeps alive the American ideal and keeps our government limited.

As I pointed out at Red County today, Republicans squandered the historic opportunity given to them in the mid-1990s and have allowed themselves to become part of the problem.

While Democrat voters will not hold the Democrat Party accountable for being part of the problem (they still have blind faith the problem will somehow someday become "the salvation"), conservatives and most Republicans will not tolerate this betrayal of the party's core values.

Republican congressional leadership needs to wake up to this reality, take drastic action and get back to their roots.

Or they can sit back and get comfortable being in the minority for years to come...


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