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Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama Already Shaky on Missile Defense

In this video, former UN ambassador John Bolton talks about President-elect Barack Obama's weakness on our missile defense system.

The Russians don't like it (surprise) and Obama appears ready to placate them.

Obama also says he's uneasy about doing anything positive about our missile defense system until it's "proven" its effectiveness.

As hard as it may be to believe, apparently our president-elect seems unaware that our missile defense system has been online for several years now. It has gone through multiple successful tests and was even used to knock down a failing satellite earlier this year.

You might recall that Ronald Reagan toppled the monolithic Soviet Union by refusing to compromise on missile defense...not kowtowing to the wishes of belligerent nations.

But Obama's intentions with regard to missile defense--and other key areas of our national defense--are really no mystery. He has already told us here that he plans to gut missile defense, cut future combat systems and degrade our nuclear arsenal.

We're in deep trouble, folks.


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