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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Have a Holly Jolly Tossmas

This video from CitizenLink illustrates in a humorous way the politically correct, anti-Christian, silly practice some retailers have of not saying "Christmas" around the holiday that we all know is "Christmas" (in a country where about 84% of Americans identify with Christianity anyway).

Can't you just hear those great old Christmas songs spiffed up for the secularist in you:

I'll Be Home for Tossmas
Holly Jolly Tossmas
Have Yourself a Merry Little Tossmas
O Tossmas Tree
The Night Before Tossmas
White Tossmas
The Twelve Days of Tossmas
We Wish You a Merry Tossmas

You can even sing all those great songs gathered 'round your Tossmas Tree!

It's "Tossmas" time again. In his Stoplight® video commentary, Stuart Shepard politely asks retailers to please at least acknowledge the name of the holiday that falls on Dec. 25. Otherwise, their catalogs may meet an unfortunate end.

Let retailers know you care how they treat Christmas by signing Focus on the Family Action's "I Stand for Christmas" petition. Also, check our list to see which retailers are Christmas-friendly.


The Shepards said...

Thanks for sharing our video! And thanks for the catchy song titles, too. I'll be adding those to my list of ideas for 2009. :-)


Bob Ellis said...

You're most welcome, Mr. Shepard! Glad you liked the song titles.

Keep up the good work!

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