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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Sleaze from Planned Parenthood

An update on what your tax dollars are paying for at Planned Parenthood.

How good it is to see a disturbance of this operation in Sioux Falls, even if only temporary

Note: this video is wide-screen and runs off the right side of the post area, but you still see most of the relevant content.


aria said...

Only in the eyes of twisted conservatives that any sex-ed is considered "ewwwww."

I go watch some soft-porn on FoxNews now...

Bob Ellis said...

Sex ed isn't improper or distasteful...in the proper setting and manner.

Planned Parenthood's vulgar and mocking way of presenting a serious subject is not only inappropriate for a serious and sensitive topic, but also part of why there is so much pre-marital sex: young people aren't taking it seriously.

You an expect such an attitude to some extent from teenagers, but it's pathetic and irresponsible from an adult organization which some people look to for authority and guidance.

Sarah said...

ok, i will agree, that guy is definitely a creeper. That aside, teens and preteens both need - direly - sex education that is thorough and comprehensive. Just because we may not want half our teenagers to have sex, not educating them, not providing birth control (and any number of things some people try to restrict) will not stop teens from having sex. It won't. Simple as that. Teens are horny. And they need to know what they're getting into.

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