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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SD Shovel to Dig Up the Best of the SD Conservative Blogosphere

The SD Shovel is now officially up and running.

The SD Shovel is a blog aggregation of some of the Right-of-center South Dakota blogs, and is one of the things to come out of the SamSphere South Dakota meeting in Sioux Falls last Saturday.

The platform where the site his hosted has a good page rank, so will hopefully add exposure to participating blogs. So far, RadioActive Chief, SD Wingnuts, Sibby Online, Voices Carry, and Dakota Voice are participating, and we expect more to contribute in the future.

The site will also be limited to South Dakota-related issues, or national/world issues that are of considerable interest to South Dakotans. We'll be limiting our personal posts and others that don't have some direct or strong connection to South Dakotans.

One of the things that this site is fostering, and that came out of the SamSphere itself, is greater communication and partnership on the Right side of the South Dakota blogosphere. The participating bloggers don't agree on everything, and definitely don't march in lockstep, but we all share a common conservative interest of some degree or another.

We also gained a greater awareness of what's going on out there in South Dakota and around the country, made some great policy connections, and discovered some new resources.

With these, we will be better equipped to pursue our common goal of limited government, and the kind of nation the United States Constitution calls for. Because we all believe, to some degree or another, what Ronald Reagan so plainly articulated:

Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.

Thanks to Gid Oakes of the SD Wingnuts for putting the site together. He's already put a lot of work into it and has done a great job!


Haggs said...

"Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem."

I've always loved that quote. For a political party that say it doesn't like government, you guys sure do like to be in control of it. :)

Bob Ellis said...

You have to be in possession of the beast before you can tame it and bring it under control.

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