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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Cambrian Explosion - Darwins Worst Nightmare

A clip detailing the baffling 'Cambrian Explosion' - the sudden appearance of nearly every known major group of animals. No gradualism. No transitions.

A few Darwinists have tried to explain it, but they always deliver the epic fail with a dollop of weak sauce. Most Darwinists avoid it like the plague.

From the documentary 'Icons of Evolution.


Anonymous said...

The most startling finding in the Cambrian deposits are the many species of trilobites and their amazingly complex eyes. The trilibite eye is a compound eye that can focus parts of the visual field in a multitude of focal lengths. Furthermore, it accomplished this by using a unique system of multiple lenses that can only be described as ingenious. Engineers today are only beginning to develop optical systems that similate the optics of the trilobite eye. According to evolutionists this system developed from simple(!) light-sensitive clumps of cells in an earlier organism and in the span of a few million years, walah--trilobite eyes. Oh yes, and none of the evolutionary forms leading up to the fully functioning eyes were preserved in the fossil record, drat the luck!

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