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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Senator Thune Votes Against Pork

In this day of tight energy resources and drilling obstruction from liberals in Washington, we need power from every source where it can be reasonably obtained.

With the huge amount of wind that rips through the plains states, wind power could be a boon for South Dakota.

The Argus Leader reports that despite Senator John Thune's support for wind power, he voted against a wind energy tax credit bill because it was full of pork:

The bill includes $1.2 billion for New York City to build a rail line to John F. Kennedy International Airport and a $1.6 billion tax benefit for trial lawyers.

Far too much legislation is loaded down like this with garbage that has nothing to do with the primary purpose of the bill. Sometimes it seems as if the only reason many in Washington advance a bill is to provide a vehicle for the pork they use to bribe the voters into re-electing them.

We need to return to simple bills that address a specific purpose, and refuse to allow them to be amended with irrelevant and wasteful spending. This casual disregard for fiscal responsibility and accountability to the taxpayers is what has brought us a $3 trillion budget and deficit spending.

Kudos to Senator Thune to drawing the line, even on a bill he would otherwise support.


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