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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Abortion Extremists to Protest Woman Who Survived Abortion

It shouldn't be a surprise to me, yet I found myself shaking my head this morning as I read from the Robbinsdale Radical (a Leftist blog) that the South Dakota (Un)Healthy Families bunch are planning a protest of the Gianna Jessen event coming up Friday.

Gianna Jessen is a grown woman who, when she was a baby in her mother's womb, survived a saline abortion that should have ended her short life right then. But she was born, and born alive, and despite the cerebral palsy caused by the saline abortion, has gone on to not only lead a productive life, but ran the London marathon.

Gianna is the kind of people pro-abortionists like South Dakota (Un)Healthy Families wants to get rid of. She and millions of unborn people like her are the reason HB1215/Referred Law 6 was passed, and she and millions of yet unborn people are the reason VoteYesForLife.com are working so hard for this bill.

Because abortion doesn't just get rid of a zygote, cytoblast or "blob of tissue"--it gets rid of a human being with all the right to life, with all the potential as Gianna Jessen.

That is why passage of Referred Law 6 is so important. Because abortion isn't just a choice (any more than Elijah Page made a "choice" to kill Chester Allan Poage)--abortion kills human beings.

It is my sincere hope that once the event gets started at Open Bible Christian Center in Rapid City Friday night, the protesters will put down their signs, go inside the building and face what it is they are fighting so hard to destroy.


vargas said...

I can't understand why anyone would do something venal like protesting her appearance. She's a wonderful person who deserves to be heard. What, exactly is their problem with her?

How disgusting and low!

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