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Monday, December 01, 2008

Still Another Study Points to Link Between Abortion, Mental Health Problems

On the heels of a report last week published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research pointing to a link between abortion and mental health problems in women, this week LifeNews reports on a New Zealand report published in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

The New Zealand study conducted by researchers at Otago University found a 30% increase in mental health problems among women who had abortions.

They surveyed 500 women who live in the city of Christchurch, located on the southern of the two New Zealand islands. It included 284 women who had a total of 686 pregnancies and 117 women who had a total of 153 abortions.

The women were asked whether the pregnancy was wanted or unwanted, and if this had caused them to be upset or distressed. They were also given a mental health assessment during each interview, to see if they met the diagnostic criteria for major depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol dependence and illicit drug dependence.

Ultimately, the New Zealand team concluded that abortion more adversely affects women's mental health while childbirth and miscarriages do not.

The American Psychological Association (APA) has shown itself to be a more-and-more politically motivated group, and issued a statement earlier this year which found no link between abortion and mental health problems.

This statement was roundly refuted by many other health professionals and the testimony of women who have had abortions, only to find themselves plagued by depression, anxiety, substance abuse and a host of other problems.

Dr. Rachel M. MacNair, an APA member, denounced the APA statement as politically motivated and based on very shallow research.

And now we see the results of two separate studies released within the last week refuting the APA statement.

Abortion not only ends a human life, but hurts the women who choose to take the life of their unborn child.


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