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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pennington County Lincoln Day Dinner 2008

Below is a slideshow from the Pennington County Lincoln Day Dinner in Rapid City last night.

The evening was emceed by Pennington Country Republican Chairman Kevin Thom. Speakers included Pastor Rocky White Mountain who gave the invocation, Lt. Governor Dennis Daugaard who gave a tribute to former Lt. Governor Carol Hillard, and Stephen Wesolick, a Rapid City attorney who also works with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF).

Also speaking were Rapid City Mayor Alan Hanks, Deb Watson and Dr. John Quinn.

Senator John Thune was the special guest speaker for the evening. He said that while he always emphasizes that every election is important, that this one is especially so.

Thune encouraged Republicans to support Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign, even though he acknowledged that some of us may disagree with McCain in some areas. Thune said that the world is the most dangerous it’s been in a long time, citing threats in the Middle East, Asia and even in South America.

“Whether you like some of his positions on other issues or not, there is no one who is more respected by leaders around the world, particularly America’s allies, than is Senator McCain,” said Thune. “There is no one who is more beloved and respected and admired by our men and women in uniform, which is critically important to me, than is Senator McCain. And ladies and gentlemen, frankly, there is nobody who is more feared by our adversaries around the world than is Senator McCain.”

Thune indicated Democrats aren’t up to the national security threats America faces.

“What is the Democrat answer and solution to all these challenges that we face around the world, and all the threats we face,” Thune asked. “Surrender. Retreat. Redeploy.”

Thune emphasized key differences in philosophy between Democrats and Republicans. Thune said that while Republicans believe more freedom is the answer, Democrats believe more government is the answer.

“What they [Democrats] are advocating when it comes to national security,” Thune said. “The economy, health care, energy and right on down the list, it’s more Washington control, more government, more bureaucracy, more of your hard-earned tax dollars going to Washington, D.C.”

Republican U.S. Senate Candidates Joel Dykstra of Canton and Sam Kephart of Spearfish also spoke, in addition to Chris Lein, the Rapid City businessman running for the U.S. House of Representatives against incumbent Democrat Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.


Video: Senator John Thune speaking on energy policy and counterproductive leadership from the Democrats


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