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Friday, January 02, 2009

New Dakota Voice Update

Well, the switch to the new Dakota Voice format and website flew like the proverbial rock.

I had been testing the new site at the new location for several months now. Not a hitch. Working perfectly at that location right up to the minute the CNAME change for www.dakotavoice.com was supposed to switch over to the new location.

And when the new website came up, it looked great...for about 3 minutes before it inexplicably crashed, stating it couldn't connect with the MySQL database. Uh huh.

I couldn't resolve the issue in the limited time I had this morning, so I've had the CNAME switched back.

Will make another run at this tonight and/or over the weekend.

That's IT systems for you: everything works great in test, but roll it out into production and...flop!


Anonymous said...

That's why I like emergency medicine. Everything always works exactly as planned...well,it does until you bring patients into the equation.

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