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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pope: Non-Heterosexual Behavior Destroys God's Work

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post

By Jennifer Gold
Christian Today Reporter
Tue, Dec. 23 2008 04:06 PM EST

Saving mankind from homosexual and transsexual behavior is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction, said Pope Benedict on Monday.

In an end-of-year address to Vatican officials, the Pope said the Catholic Church “should also protect man from the destruction of himself.”

A “sort of ecology of man is needed,” he said.

The Catholic Church strongly opposes homosexual relationships and same-sex unions.

“The tropical forests do deserve our protection. But man, as a creature, does not deserve any less,” he said in the address, which was later released to the media.

In an attack on transsexuals, the Pope said, “It is not man who decides who is a man or woman but God.”

Non-heterosexual behavior was “a destruction of God’s work,” he said, adding that humanity needed to “listen to the language of creation” to properly define the roles of man and woman.

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Grace Explosion said...

Amen to that one, too. It's undeniable - except by extreme rebellion against God, nature, and the natural order of Christian society.

I am just getting to know this pope - and appreciate his strong stance for moral absolutes. God bless us one and all.

Merry Christmas to you and your readers and families and friends.


cinemaphile85 said...

If the Vatican condemns homosexuality, why didn't they fire and excommunicate all of those priests who raped altar boys, instead of reassigning them to different parishes?

Bob Ellis said...

They should have. But unfortunately with all institutions made up of human beings, moral compromises and failures were made.

cinemaphile85 said...

You're right, they should have. And they still can, if they choose to. But unfortunately, to date, they have not.

So why should I take my moral cues from an institution that has done nothing to condemn its own wrongdoing?

Bob Ellis said...

I seem to recall that, while there was some covering-up for a while, that the Catholic Church had been dealing aggressively with this problem in recent years.

It would be better to take moral cues directly from God's Word than fallible human institutions.

cinemaphile85 said...

I agree. That's why I have a problem with fallible humans telling me how to live, what to believe, what to think, what to feel, what to say, and how to act. Thanks for your concern, but I can manage just fine on my own.

If it's better to take moral cues from the Bible than a fallible human institution like the Catholic Church, why bother telling us how the Pope feels about homosexuality, as if his opinion actually matters?

Bob Ellis said...

Because he is a religious figure who is affirming the truth. As sad as it is to admit it, this is rare today, since too many figures (e.g. Gene Robinson) are ushering people into Hell in a turbo-charged wheelchair.

cinemaphile85 said...

Isn't the Pope also ushering people into hell in a turbo-charged wheelchair (huh?) every time he tells Catholics that it's ok to believe in evolution?

If so, then you may want to change your first sentence so that it says, "He is a religious figure who is affirming only the parts of the truth that I already agree with."

Bob Ellis said...

Some people do believe in most of the key tenets of Christianity while believing in the veracity of evolution theory. However, they usually do so out of ignorance and a false sense of need to reconcile "science" (really just an interpretation of science) to what the Bible says. Christians of this variety (and I was one, at one time) usually believe that God used evolution as a tool for biological change. So, in their ignorance of other incompatibilities, they believe other tenets such as sinfulness of man, the need for a savior, eternal punishment and separation from God or eternal presence with God, etc. while not taking the creation account at face value.

What they fail to understand is that the Bible account as written is completely reconcilable to the scientific evidence. They also usually fail to understand that the implications of key teachings of the Bible render evolution and the claims of the Bible incompatible.

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