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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Video: Is it healthy to experiment with children?

Ten Persuasive Answers to the Question 'Why not gay marriage?'"

Q6: Is it healthy to experiment with children?

Point 1: No society, primitive or developed, ancient or modern, has ever raised a generation of children in a same-sex home

Point 2: Same sex "marriage" is a vast, untested social experiment on children

Point 3: Authors of "The Lesbian Parenting Book" admit "It will be interesting to see over time whether lesbian sons will have an easier or harder time developing their gender identity than do boys with live-in fathers."


Anonymous said...

"It would be cruel to strap a young child into a roller coaster and send them on their way."

Really? Then we'd better charge the amusement park industry with nationwide child abuse.

This guy's a joke. He talks about ONE book written by lesbian parents because its rhetoric supports his agenda, and acts as if it's the only book in the known universe on the subject of gay parenting.

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