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Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Walking On Water"

My good friend and brother in Christ (and contributor to Dakota Voice), Paul Scates, sent me this video this morning with the following comments. You should know that both Paul and I came to Jesus later in life after rejecting God and His Grace for over many years. So we know what it means to be lost in this world and trying to find our way on our own--and failing is so many ways. I hope that others who are in need of our Lord's love and grace will view this video and see how powerful is this Jesus, who transforms lives. How else to explain Nick's joy and love of the life that God has blessed him with. I, for one, need reminding of this often. God tells us "Fear not, for I am with you."

A.W. Tozer wrote that, of all the shortcomings of modern Christians, the most noticeable one to non-believers is an almost total lack of humility. Humility...how, if we truly understand Who God is and who we were and are...can we forget what filth and selfishness and self-centeredness He had to wade through to reach us...how, then, can we not be filled with humility that He loves us so much He forgives us for all our self-centeredness? Humility, and gratitude, and a desire that others know the joy of His love?

Watch this video. Some people will say this guy has just been brainwashed, or that he has no other choice, etc. But I see the pure joy and serenity of the acute awareness of God's love. If he were 'whole' as you and I are, he'd be like too many of us...distracted by pursuits, pleasures and the 'problems' of normal everyday life. Instead, he can say, even in his affliction, that he knows how much God loves him, and even thank God for making him this way.

This dose of humility, of shame and sorrow at how self-centered and selfish and unloving I still am, even after God patiently pursued me for 46 years until He broke through my arrogant heart and head to reveal His love for even me, a sinner of the first order, is a welcome thing. For when I stray, when I forget what God has done in my life, I NEED to be reminded, and I'm thankful for this humbling I just got from watching this video. (My best friend says Christians need to be reminded more than they need to be taught...and it's certainly true in my case.)

So, if you're ready for a major dose of humility -- which we should ALL retain every day of our lives! -- get out the tissues and watch this. It's about 10 minutes, but it flies by in seconds.


Nick shares more here.


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