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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Evidence of MSM "Objectivity"

ABC reports:

Surprising Political Endorsements By U.S. Troops
American Soldiers Speak Out About Their Presidential Endorsements

ABC reporter Martha Raddatz provided this report in which several American service men and women were interviewed as to their preference in the upcoming presidential elections. A total of ten soldiers were quoted in this piece in which four expressed a preference for Obama, one for Hillary and none for McCain. Of the remaining five, one favored Democrat policies though not specifying a particular candidate, one was concerned about “education” and another about the “environment” (usually identified as Democrat issues). Another soldier, just returned from a “rousing” speech by Vice President Cheney, was quick to tell Raddatz that the speech did not cause her to change her political preferences (May we presume that her preference isn’t John McCain?).

In all, none of the soldiers interviewed expressed any preferences that would favor Republicans in general or McCain in particular. This is in contrast to the widely held and generally accurate belief that the military tends overwhelmingly to support conservative candidates and issues. So ABC reports only on those soldiers that hold the party line preferred by the Main Stream Media. Surprising? Hardly.

Newsbusters has more.

PHOTO: Marine Cpl. R. Thomas Hatcher prepares for a night patrol near Falluja, Iraq. When asked by me about this report from ABC he responded "Bravo Sierra!"


Bob Ellis said...

I served in the military under Ronald Reagan, Bush I and Bill Clinton.

For one thing, back then I don't know of anyone who would have talked to the press--we were instructed not to talk to the press and to refer them to the Public Affairs office.

Among ourselves, of course, we talked LOTS of politics. And while we had a few liberals here and there, they were pretty rare. How the media, which I know is completely objective and never has an agenda other than the truth (excuse me while wretch), found this many military liberals in one place, I'll never know.

Most of the military folks when I was in wanted to WIN, and FINISH what we'd started, and understood that you don't obtain lasting peace and security through surrender and running away with your tail between your legs.

Anonymous said...

And things haven't changed that much, Bob. If anything, today's soldiers and Marines and airmen are more committed and more dedicated to the mission than in the days of the draft and Vietnam, when I was in.

Sadly, articles like Raddatz's are what pass for journalism. They make up their minds about a given issue and then set about finding evidence to support their biases. And then insist that they are "objective" reporters.

Carrie K. Hutchens said...

I agree with Marine Cpl. R. Thomas Hatcher on his assessment.

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