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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nazi Eugenics Propaganda Film

"We humans have transgressed the law of natural selection in the last decades."

'Victims of the Past' was a eugenics film made in 1937, produced by the NS-Rasse und Politisches Amt.

HT to Evolution News.


Anonymous said...

As has been aptly pointed out in previous posts, Darwinism provided a foundation upon which eugenecists could build, coming to full fruition in Europe as seen in this film and subsequent death camps. In America, eugenics manifested itself only slightly less radically in the population control movements.

Richard said...

Eugenics is ARTIFICIAL selection.

Evolution is a testable theory that describes the process of NATURAL selection.

Y'see, this is what puzzles me. I can accept that you're inflexible in your faith and everything, but why can't you dismiss the former as evidence of the evil of man, corrupting God's beautiful process, and accept the latter as an elegant design process to keep life on Earth on its toes?

Personally I don't subscribe to that theory at all, but I am mystified as to why it's so out of the question for you and your fellow Creationists. I mean, really, what's WRONG with evolution? Is it not a far more intelligent approach to life design than the alternative? If you were God, wouldn't you give your creation the power to adapt to circumstances and overcome environmental disasters?

I find it extraordinary that you're all so inflexible. Christianity has changed unrecognisably since Christ died; you could almost say its evolved to fit the modern world. You don't seem to have come along with it. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Richard, I believe that God did, indeed, design incredible flexibility into His creatures. We see that in the great variety of characteristics manifested within a genus or species. Darwinists point to examples of adaptation and exclaim, "See, evolution in action!" But this is what some call "microevolution" and creationists are in full agreement. But to claim that this same process accounts for all the variety and complexity in nature is unsupported and intellectually vacant. New information, i.e., increasing complexity, cannot arise from chance processes.

The genetic material for the great variety of canine breeds is contained in the native species, the wolf and coyote. By selective breeding humans can cause certain traits to become manifest and other not, but there is no new genetic information created. From Maltese to Mastif they remain canines.

What's wrong with evolution? First, it does not explain the observable facts in nature. Second, there is a competing theory that makes much more sense and fits the observations very well. Besides which, God provides us an eye-witness account that I have found no reason to doubt.

Bob Ellis said...

Richard, it's not a matter of seeing humans "helping" the evolutionary process as bad or seeing the unhindered process as good.

For me, and I believe many people, it boils down to this: I just don't believe in evolution theory at all. Period. I don't believe the naturalistic/materialistic theory comes anywhere close to explaining origins, even without getting into the issue of complexity. In fact, many of the contentions of this theory are flat-out IMPOSSIBLE according to the laws of nature...and since naturalism and materialism reject any supernatural force, that makes them IMPOSSIBLE, period.

On the contrary, I find a lot of evidence for intelligent design in the universe: natural and biological order, reproduction, biological complexity, and the laws of nature themselves. I've also never seen a single part of the Bible proven false, and I know and feel the connection to God in my own life (which I admit is something I can't prove to a non-Christian, just like you can't prove to a blind person that an apple is red). And I see elements on earth that fit within the creation and historical account of Genesis (the fossil record, the geological column, etc.).

God certainly had the power to use evolution as a mechanism for biological change. But if I'm going to believe what he told me in the Bible, he didn't. The contentions of evolutionists involve millions of years of death, with death being the natural order of existence. God makes it clear that he created everything on earth in six 24-hour days; there is simply no room linguistically or theologically for billions of years. The Bible contends God created the universe good and perfect, with no death; the death we see today and throughout history are a result of human's (Adam and Eve) rejection of God's authority, and what is often called "The Fall" or "the curse of sin." Since man was given dominion over creation, when he fell, creation fell from a perfect state with him.

Besides, he built enough adaptability into most organisms to survive in a variety of conditions (migration, growing thicker fur, etc.). And God built into his only creation that has an eternal soul the highest tool of all for adaptability: man's intellect and reason.

Christianity has not changed one iota since the time of Christ. Man's understanding of the precepts of Christ has changed since then, in some ways for the good, and in others for the bad. Successive generations of Christians have been able to build upon the research and reasoning of previous generations to gain greater understanding of some of Christ's truths. However, sometimes people with other agendas have crept in and have tried to twist God's teachings from their original intent. It's usually pretty easy to spot these attempts, if we know the Bible fairly well. If the Bible is unclear, it may be a matter of human perspective and interpretation. If something is directly contradicted by the Bible, we know someone's blowing smoke at us.

God's historical account has never changed, and His moral requirements have never changed.

Rich Hughes said...

ERVs are probably the best evidnce for evolution in my humble opinion. They are great genetic markers for the speciation of man and the other extant apes. To try and reconcile reality with the bible is to be untouched by modernity.

Anonymous said...

"If something is directly contradicted by the Bible, we know someone's blowing smoke at us."

In other words, don't try to confuse you with "scientific" "evidence". Do you want the benefits of modern medicine? Or would you let a child die by simply praying over her until the end?

"His moral requirements have never changed"


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