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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Enviro-Blasphemy on Earth Day

Randy Rasmussen at the Rapid City Journal has gone and done it now!

He's blasphemed on one of the Left's most holy days: Earth Day.

Rasmussen posted on the Journal's Mount Blogmore blog that it's no coincidence that Earth Day takes place on Vladimir Lenin's birthday.

Whether that's the case or not, I don't know; haven't looked into it. But I do know that the goals and language of both environmental wackos and Marxists are similar. They both hate the West, they both hate the United States, they both hate wealth (unless your one of the privileged elite like Al Gore--but these exceptions for the "more equal animals" is also similar), and they both hate capitalism.

And I believe the pop enviro-doctrine of the day, man-made global warming, is simply a move to stir up hysteria against capitalism and the West. In case you haven't noticed, their planet-saving initiatives such as the Kyoto Treaty gives a pass to some of the biggest polluters on the planet like China (who incidentally are Marxists) while sticking it to countries like the United States.

(Another irony of the enviro-mania is that the United States, which didn't sign onto Kyoto, is doing a better job of controlling emissions than the socialistic European nations that DID sign on.)

The Marxists, er, liberals, er, "progressives" on the Mount are predictably stirred up that Rasmussen would dare speak such unholy blasphemy on the day they've set aside to worship the planet (and advance their agenda).

Even the predictably liberal Democrat mouthpiece blog Badlands Blue is joining the chorus of enviro-indignation by calling for retractions and apologies and supplications and humiliations and beatings.

And while they try to paint holiday founder Senator Gaylord Nelson as some kind of middle-of-the-roader, his record clearly shows he's one of these Malthusian population control environmentalist wackos (maybe that IS middle-of-the-road for Democrats). Nice try.

It sure is fun watching Leftists get in a lather when someone sees through their silliness (like "Expelled").


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