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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pro-Life Ads Coming to MTV

With the large amount of time people--especially young people--spend watching television, if you want to reach the culture, that's where to go.

So it is that Virtue Media is headed into one of the central arenas where young people are found to bring the message of life: MTV.

In small markets where they've run ads before, they've seen significant reductions in abortion rates.

A large ad campaign at MTV is sure to get young people exposed to information they'll likely never hear about from the "mainstream" media. And maybe some lives will be saved because of it.

I was pro-abortion until about 15 years ago. I was pro-abortion because I hadn't considered anything deeper than the meaningless pap the "mainstream" media calls "information." I was pro-abortion, but unlike some pro-abortionists, I was open to the truth. When I took the time to go find the facts on my own...it wasn't long before I realized I'd been on the wrong side of the life issue.

Maybe there are some young people like me that this campaign will reach.

Virtue Media is encouraging young Americans to choose life.


Anonymous said...

Wow look at what great care you take to say "pro-abortion" and not "pro-choice."

And seriously, is "pap" the word of the day or something?

Vargas said...

Pro life commercials? I never thought I'd see the day! That is so awesome! It's great to see the other side of the issue being shown on television for once!

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