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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Microsoft sets deadline for Yahoo bid

Software giant gives Yahoo three weeks to accept its offer

updated 3:49 p.m. CT, Sat., April. 5, 2008

SEATTLE - Microsoft Corp. sent a letter to the Yahoo Board of Directors Saturday setting a three-week deadline for moving forward on its more than $40 billion buyout offer.

The letter signed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Microsoft will take its case directly to Yahoo shareholders and work to elect a new slate of directors, if the board does not respond by the deadline by April 26.

Read the rest of the report at MSNBC .

Sounds like bully-tactics to me. I'm not impressed with either Ballmer or Microsoft and I hope Yahoo isn't either.

Why should Yahoo be swallowed up by the monopoly, simply because the Microsoft monopoly thinks it -- Microsoft -- ought to control all aspects of the computer/internet users' experience? It shouldn't!

Yahoo needs to talk to (and think of) the consumers that will be affected by their decision.

May the decision-makers at Yahoo realize that if Microsoft wants to take them over so badly, Yahoo must have something really going for it. May they realize that and tell Microsoft, in no uncertain terms, that the buy-out isn't going to happen and make sure that it doesn't!

That's my wish for the day!


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