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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Marriage Fear Mongering Gearing Up

Some anti-marriage folks are staring to rev up the fear-mongering campaign to try and defeat the marriage amendment on the November ballot.

Some opponents claim heterosexual couples living together outside marriage would be without legal protection in the event of domestic abuse. First, if they really believe that, this should be a good incentive for them to do the right thing and get married. But the argument is a red herring; laws against assault have not been repealed, and restraining orders are available to people regardless of their marital status. Empty argument.

Another argument involves someone living with another person platonically to help with expenses, poor health, etc. Even if they are not related, this bill does nothing to hinder these two people from securing power of attorney and any other legal means necessary for them to visit one another in the hospital, take care of legal affairs, etc. Another red herring.

They also argue that this law might prevent companies that offer domestic partner benefits from being able to do that in South Dakota. I honestly don't know if that would be affected or not, but even if it is, so be it. We shouldn't be giving unmarried couples (homosexual or heterosexual) the same benefits accorded to those in a matrimonial relationship. It's legitimizing a relationship that isn't legitimate.

The Left will fear-monger, the Left will mislead, and the Left will even lie in an attempt to stop passage of this marriage protection legislation which has passed by huge margins everywhere it's gone to a vote, but they'll just be chalking up yet another loss since 20 states now have constitutional amendments prohibiting homosexual "marriage," several more have DOMAs to protect marriage, and only a handful don't have anything at all spelling it out for the slow learners that marriage is between one man and one woman.


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